The Yoni Civilisation ruled by women. A civilisation without war and conflict which has left men feeling emasculated. They send an assassin back through the web of time, seeking to kill the mother of the future. To prevent her daughter and her ideas from ever being born, to prevent them from ever existing. And thereby to re-establish the dominance of men once again, turning herstory back into history.

The assassin has several impediments to overcome. He has no weapons to bring with him. He has had no exposure to violence. While his target lives on a sink housing estate in the early twenty-first century, so that he is going to have to battle through his belligerent male ancestors to get to her. The estate is controlled by two brothers, one a criminal overlord and the other a pirate radio DJ who serves as the estate's eyes and ears and communicates to their foot-soldiers through his broadcasts and musical selections.

Yet the greatest hurdle the assassin faces is how to get close enough to the woman. Before he can utilise his lethal if theoretical training to dispatch her, first he has to figure out the yet darker arts of seduction; how to make her even notice him. Thus ensues a hilarious spectrum of seduction scenarios between the same man, the same woman, the same opening chat up lines and a myriad of outcomes. For the most difficult aspect he has to contend with, is that due to the nature of time and its paradoxes, he has to be successful many times over in parallel universes. This is the only way he can fuse all the different potential versions of history into a single definitive thread. And as Chaos Theory and The Butterfly Effect suggest, even the tiniest variation in the starting conditions of any scenario, can radically alter all that follows.

"Time After Time" is that rare thing, a science-fiction dark comedy. It explores the minefield that is the dance of male and female around one another in an uproarious way, but always against the background of a menacing urban landscape and of course, with the ultimate aim of the seduction being one of murder. It uses science in a light way, though its very structure embodies the notion of parallel universes and the theory of The Butterfly Effect. It also tackles head-on the mind-blowing paradoxes of travelling back in time in order to alter future outcomes. But perhaps the most radical element is that of the DJ himself. Spinning records that not only seem to soundtrack the narrative, but to influence it and to actually determine the fate of the leading players themselves. The novel has a Spotify playlist link to all the songs featured within it.

"Time After Time", where "Terminator" meets "Attack The Block" with a DJ providing the soundscape.

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