Music is integral to "Time After Time" .

Rather than soundtrack the writing process, it forms an active part of the narrative itself. Throughout there are songs cued up by the DJ whose title or lyrics counterpoint the action or emotion at that point of the narrative. All the songs can be heard in the order they appear in the book, on a Spotify playlist. However it's not crucial to understanding the novel to have heard the songs or to listen to them while reading!

How does the DJ seem able to find the right song for each moment a new song plays on his decks? Well you'll have to read the book for that! But he's an unusual DJ in that his eclectic taste means his playlist isn't restricted to one or more styles of music. The playlist has Pop, Disco, Punk, New Wave, Reggae, Dubstep, Hip-Hop, Rap, Trip-Hop, Big Band/Swing, Rave, Nu-Rave, Heavy Metal, Soul, Two-Tone, Rock, Old Skool, Electronica... Almost as many music genres as there are literary ones. Which, I wonder, is more tribal, music or literature! For a clue, read the comments to a YouTube cover version of the Kicks Like A Mule track 'The Bouncer' as covered by Nu-Rave band The Klaxons. Just follow the links. Me? I love both versions!

Here is a list of the songs:

"Fly Me To The Moon" - Frank Sinatra

"Shot You Down" - Audio Bullys

"Wake Up Boo" - Boo Radleys

"Supermassive Black Hole" - Muse

"Hey Ladies" - Beastie Boys

"Politicians and Paedophiles" - The Bug

"Hell Is Around The Corner" - Tricky

"Harder Than You Think" - Public Enemy

"Probably A Robbery" - Renegade Soundwave

"Another Girl, Another Planet" - The Only Ones

"Time After Time" - Cyndi Lauper

"Madness" - Madness

"Night Steppa" - The Bug

"La Cucharacha"  

"A Figure Walks" - The Fall

"Tubthumping" - Chumbawumba

"Dry Your Eyes" - The Streets

"Cruising For A Bruising" - Three Wise Men (not on playlist) YouTube video

"Should I Stay Or Should I Go" - The Clash

"This Charming Man" - The Smiths

"Stay In The Car" - Girls Against Boys

"The Killer Inside Me" - MC 900Ft Jesus

"Papa's Got A Brand New Bag" - James Brown

"Mission Impossible"

"Hot Wire My Heart" - Sonic Youth

"Nothing Can Go Wrong" - South Central

"Flowers Of Romance" - Public Image Ltd

"Don't Play No Game I Can't Win" - Beastie Boys

"Murderer" - Barrington Levy

"Accuracy" - The Cure

"Staying Alive" - The Bee Gees

"I Will Survive" - Gloria Gaynor

"Ace Of Spades" - Motorhead

"No Escape" - Excision

"Solitaire" - Gallon Drunk

"Physical" - Olivia Newton-John

"Safe From Harm" - Massive

"Danger Signs" - Penetration

"Groovy Situation" - Keith Rowe

"It's Obvious" - Au Pairs

"Glory Box" - Portishead

"The Bouncer" - Kicks Like A Mule

"Who Wants The World" - The Stranglers

"You Can't Be Too Strong" - Graham Parker & The Rumour

"The Boys Are Back in Town" - Thin Lizzy


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